Depressed after a breakup? Zendaya returns to her old “vice”!

For many, breakups can be challenging and emotionally draining, often leading individuals to seek comfort in various forms. For Zendaya, it’s the sweet and therapeutic world of baking that has offered a reprieve from the heartbreak.

The 27-year-old star has not shied away from sharing snippets of her culinary creations on social media. From mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies to decadent cakes, her Instagram stories have recently been filled with delectable treats, much to the delight of her fans.
In a candid moment on her Instagram Live, Zendaya opened up about how baking has been a therapeutic outlet for her. “There’s something incredibly soothing about measuring ingredients, mixing them together, and watching something beautiful come out of the oven,” she said. “It’s a reminder that even when things fall apart, there’s always a way to create something new and wonderful.”
Zendaya’s return to baking isn’t just about the sweets; it’s also about reconnecting with a part of herself that brings joy and satisfaction. It’s a testament to finding simple pleasures and comfort in familiar activities during times of distress.
As she continues to heal, Zendaya’s fans are rallying behind her, offering support and encouragement. Her openness about her coping mechanisms has resonated with many, reminding everyone that it’s okay to seek comfort in beloved hobbies and that healing is a personal journey.

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