Depressed after a breakup? Angelina Jolie returns to her old “vice”!

Angelina Jolie’s personal life has always been a topic of public fascination. Her relationships, especially with fellow actor Brad Pitt, have been under the microscope for years. Their separation in 2016 was a significant event, causing a media frenzy and putting Jolie in the spotlight for reasons beyond her professional achievements.

However, the latest breakup has once again thrust her personal life into the limelight. The end of a meaningful relationship can be a difficult time for anyone, and Jolie is no exception. Friends close to the actress have expressed concern about her well-being, noting that she has been visibly affected by the split.

Sources close to Angelina Jolie have revealed that she has turned to an old habit to manage her feelings of depression following the breakup. While it may sound alarming, her “vice” is not as destructive as one might think. Jolie has reportedly found solace in her love for tattoos.
Angelina Jolie’s affinity for tattoos is well-documented. Each of her numerous tattoos holds personal significance, representing various chapters of her life, beliefs, and the people she holds dear. For Jolie, getting a new tattoo is a deeply personal and cathartic experience, providing her with a sense of control and expression during tumultuous times.
In the wake of her breakup, Jolie has added several new tattoos to her collection. Each design is believed to symbolize her journey through pain and healing, serving as a permanent reminder of her resilience and strength. Tattoos, for Jolie, are not just body art; they are a form of storytelling and self-empowerment.
While turning to tattoos might seem unconventional, it’s important to recognize that everyone has different coping mechanisms. For Angelina Jolie, tattoos offer a creative outlet to process her emotions and navigate through difficult periods. It’s a reminder that finding a healthy way to cope with stress and emotional pain is crucial.

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