Two of Monica Bellucci parents have announced the awful news.

In a shocking and controversial development, a sex tape allegedly featuring actress Cote de Pablo, renowned for her role as Ziva David on *NCIS*, is reportedly set to be released by an ex-partner. The tape, which allegedly includes footage from her honeymoon, has caused an uproar among fans and the entertainment industry. The identity of the ex-partner remains undisclosed, but the potential release of such personal and intimate content has sparked outrage and concern over privacy violations. In related news, Monica Bellucci’s parents have also announced an awful development that has further saddened fans.



Cote de Pablo has not yet commented on the situation, but fans have rallied behind her, emphasizing the need to respect her privacy. Legal experts indicate that if the tape is released without her consent, the ex-partner could face serious legal repercussions, including criminal charges and civil lawsuits. This incident has brought attention to the broader issue of non-consensual distribution of intimate content, often referred to as “revenge porn,” highlighting the urgent need for stronger protections and legal measures to prevent such violations. Meanwhile, the distressing news from Monica Bellucci’s family adds to the somber mood in the entertainment community, with many expressing their support for both actresses during this challenging time.

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