Lopez asks the fans to call her daughter «they», not «she»!😬 The celebrity supports the non-traditional gender approach of her heiress whose changed appearance

Jennifer Lopez, renowned for her achievements in music and acting, has requested that fans use the pronoun “they” when referring to her child. In a recent social media post, Lopez expressed her full support for her child’s choice of gender identity, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals’ wishes and identities. This move serves as a powerful example for parents and the broader public, showcasing that support and acceptance are essential in the development of gender identity.



Lopez’s child has recently undergone a noticeable change in appearance, reflecting their new gender identity. This transformation has attracted attention from the media and fans, sparking widespread discussions about the importance of acceptance and respect for gender diversity. Lopez has emphasized that love and support for her children are her top priorities and that she is proud of the courage and authenticity her child demonstrates on this journey.

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