Megan Rapinoe has been disqualified from the soccer Hall of Fame. “She’s a bad role model.”


To sum up, Snoop Dogg has dropped his contract with CMT like it’s hot, standing in solidarity with country star Jason Aldean. It’s a bizarre plot twist, straight out of a daytime soap opera, but it’s real. This whole fiasco is a powerful reminder that actions have consequences, even in the whimsical world of music. If there’s a lesson to learn from all this, it’s that you never know who might be watching and ready to join the chorus when you pull a wrong chord.


There you have it, folks. This is the wild world of music where rappers stand up for country singers, and TV networks make decisions that cost them dearly. Now, as Snoop Dogg, would say, “we just rollin’ down the street, smokin’, sippin’ on gin and juice.” For CMT, however, there might be less ‘gin and juice’ sipping, and more damage control in the days ahead.

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