Jennifer Lopez says she’ll beat up Ben Affleck in the middle of the scene, she saw him laughing with that girl!

Jennifer Lopez shared a playful moment from the set of her latest project, revealing a humorous exchange with co-star Ben Affleck. The singer and actress jokingly threatened to “beat up” Affleck in the middle of a scene after catching him sharing a laugh with another woman.

During a candid interview, Lopez recounted the amusing incident, recalling her light-hearted banter with Affleck on set. “I told him, ‘I’ll beat you up in the middle of this scene if you keep laughing with that girl!'” Lopez quipped, sparking laughter from the interviewer.


This playful interaction offers a glimpse into the camaraderie and friendly rivalry between Lopez and Affleck behind the scenes. Despite the jest, it’s evident that the two share a close and comfortable working relationship, contributing to the enjoyable atmosphere on set.


As fans eagerly anticipate the release of their collaborative project, this amusing anecdote adds to the excitement, highlighting the playful dynamic between Lopez and Affleck both on and off screen.

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