Last month, Cote de Pablo gave insight as to what Weatherly is like as a dad !

Last month, actress Cote de Pablo provided a glimpse into what her former “NCIS” co-star Michael Weatherly is like as a father. In an exclusive interview, she shared heartwarming anecdotes about Weatherly’s parenting style and the special bond he shares with his children.

De Pablo, who starred alongside Weatherly on the hit TV show, spoke fondly of his dedication to fatherhood. “Michael is an incredibly loving and supportive dad,” she said. “He’s always there for his kids, whether it’s cheering them on at soccer games or helping them with homework.”


She also highlighted Weatherly’s sense of humor and creativity as a parent. “He has this amazing ability to make even the most mundane tasks fun and exciting,” she added. “His kids are always laughing and smiling when they’re with him.”


As fans continue to admire Weatherly for his talent on screen, de Pablo’s insights offer a glimpse into the real-life role that brings him the most joy: being a devoted father.

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