Cote de Pablo shares her Holiday plans and her Kids’ reaction to ‘Family Switch’ movie !

As the holiday season approaches, actress Cote de Pablo is gearing up for some quality family time. In a recent interview, the beloved star of “Family Switch” opened up about her festive plans and the reaction from her kids to her latest film.

De Pablo, known for her role as Ziva David on “NCIS,” revealed that she’s looking forward to a low-key holiday season filled with cozy moments with her family. “This time of year is all about spending time with the ones you love,” she said. “We’ll be baking cookies, watching movies, and just enjoying each other’s company.”


But it’s not just the holiday cheer that’s keeping de Pablo and her family excited. Her latest project, “Family Switch,” has been met with enthusiasm from her kids. The heartwarming film tells the story of a magical switcheroo between a parent and child, leading to hilarious and touching moments as they navigate each other’s lives.


“My kids absolutely loved the movie,” de Pablo shared. “They couldn’t stop talking about it and even asked to watch it again right after we finished. It’s such a joy to see them enjoy something that I’ve worked on.”


With the perfect blend of holiday spirit and family entertainment, Cote de Pablo is ready to make this season one to remember. As she cherishes these moments with her loved ones, fans eagerly await more heartwarming performances from the talented actress in the new year.

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