Cote de Pablo Appeared To Mouth A Sweet Message To Michael Weatherly On SNL

Actress Cote de Pablo made headlines during her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) when she was spotted seemingly mouthing a heartfelt message to her longtime friend and former “NCIS” co-star, Michael Weatherly.

As de Pablo took the stage to perform a sketch, keen-eyed viewers caught a glimpse of her mouthing what appeared to be a sweet message directed at Weatherly, who was seated in the audience. While the exact content of the message remains unknown, fans couldn’t help but speculate about the nature of their close relationship.


The moment sparked nostalgia among fans of the beloved “NCIS” duo, who have long admired the chemistry and camaraderie between de Pablo and Weatherly both on and off screen. Their enduring friendship continues to captivate audiences, even years after their time on the hit TV show.


As speculation swirls about the significance of de Pablo’s message, one thing is clear: the bond between de Pablo and Weatherly remains as strong as ever, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any hints of their continued connection both on and off the screen.

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