Cote de Pablo and Virgin Voyages introduce AI version of Cote: ‘Cote AI is alive!’

Actress Cote de Pablo, in collaboration with Virgin Voyages, has introduced an innovative AI version of herself, aptly named “Cote AI,” marking a groundbreaking development in the world of artificial intelligence and entertainment.

In an exciting announcement, de Pablo revealed that Cote AI will serve as a virtual assistant and concierge for passengers aboard Virgin Voyages’ luxury cruise ships. “Cote AI is a new frontier in technology and entertainment,” de Pablo expressed. “It’s surreal to see a digital version of myself come to life and interact with guests in such a unique way.”


Cote AI is designed to provide personalized recommendations, assist with bookings and reservations, and offer entertainment and information tailored to each passenger’s preferences. “Whether it’s helping guests plan their onboard activities or simply engaging in casual conversation, Cote AI aims to enhance the overall cruise experience,” de Pablo explained.


The introduction of Cote AI represents a bold step forward for Virgin Voyages in their quest to revolutionize the travel industry through innovation and technology. Passengers can look forward to interacting with this cutting-edge AI companion as they embark on unforgettable journeys at sea.

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