Who Plays Sarah Grant In The Blue Bloods Episode Bad Company?

Who Plays Sarah Grant In The Blue Bloods Episode Bad Company?

“Blue Bloods” has featured numerous emotional plot lines over the years, but Season 5, Episode 18 — “Bad Company” — had a doozy. The episode explores Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) relationship with a young woman named Sarah Grant (Amelia Rose Blaire). She has received a message from the man who murdered her parents and brother when she was still only a child, saying that he wants to meet with her to seek forgiveness. When she decides to confront her family’s murderer, Frank supports her the whole time, resulting in one of his best moments in the series.

The 2015 “Blue Bloods” episode is far from Blaire’s only credit. She’s perhaps best known for landing the role of Willa Burrell on “True Blood,” a recurring character who would appear throughout Seasons 6 and 7. More recently, she’s lent her voice to popular video games like “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Starfield.”

Amelia Rose Blaire may have only appeared in one “Blue Bloods” episode, but she made the most of her time. It’s a standout installment, and hopefully, it encourages fans of the procedural to check out her other work.

Amelia Rose Blaire previously discussed the appeal of video game acting

The “Bad Company” episode of “Blue Bloods” isn’t the only time Amelia Rose Blaire worked with Tom Selleck. That same year, 2015, the two appeared in the Hallmark Channel original film “Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise.” Judging by the two projects they worked on together, the actors have a good on-screen rapport. But these days, Blaire’s interests seem to lie more with video games, both as a performer and player.

She can be found on a Twitch channel called DechartGames, where she plays alongside her husband and fellow actor, Bryan Dechart. The two actually share some Hollywood credits, as Dechart was also in an episode of “True Blood” and voiced a character for “Cyberpunk 2077.” Additionally, the couple each had a part in “Detroit: Become Human.” In a conversation with GameByte about her experiences with video game acting, Blaire described the work as “Very dense. Very dense filming. Very different from working on a film and TV set where you’re taking more time because there’s moving pieces. On a motion capture set it’s just bam bam bam bam bam.”

Thanks to Twitch, it’s easier than ever to see Amelia Rose Blaire on your screen, where fans may appreciate seeing her laughing and having a fun time in contrast to the dour yet stellar performance she delivered on “Blue Bloods.”

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