Kate Middleton keeps in touch with her children in the sweetest way while recovering in hospital

In a matter of days, Kate Middleton will be discharged from The London Clinic, a private hospital. The Duchess of Cambridge underwent planned abdominal surgery, and as per Kensington Palace, she will continue her recovery at Adelaide Cottage, their Windsor home. Kate is expected to resume her royal duties after Easter, although a doctor suggests that her recovery won’t be entirely enjoyable.

Prince William has made multiple visits to the hospital to see his beloved wife, and their children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—have also visited her. They are likely to see her every day once she returns home. While William is being a supportive partner, taking on additional responsibilities, including driving the children to school, Kate has found a sweet way to stay connected with them through a screen.

The unexpected announcement of Kate Middleton’s planned abdominal surgery surprised many royal fans. Kensington Palace made the announcement last Wednesday, and since then, the Duchess has been recuperating at The London Clinic.

Initially slated for a “nine to 14 days” stay at the hospital, Kate will later recover at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. She won’t resume her royal duties until after Easter.Princess Kate’s recovery at the hospital follows abdominal surgery. During her recovery, Prince William will reduce his public engagements to better care for their three children. Family is a top priority for William, who won’t resume royal duties until Kate returns home, showcasing a commitment to modernizing the monarchy, according to royal expert Jennie Bond.Bond noted that William’s decision aligns with their view of prioritizing family. With Kate in the hospital, the children will need their dad, and he will be there to reassure them.

While Kate is in the care of experts and doctors, William, scarred by previous family experiences, knows the feeling of worry. Having lost his mother, Princess Diana, at 15, William understands the importance of supporting the children during challenging times.

Jennie Bond emphasized the importance of maintaining a routine for the children, even though they might be confused. William, having experienced worry and loss, will likely take extra care to reassure the children, providing face-to-face reassurance when appropriate.

As William copes with the sudden turn of events, he is expected to visit Kate frequently and be there for their children, maintaining normalcy in their routine. Bond suggests that William will be involved in activities like the school run, helping with homework, cooking, and participating in the bedtime routine to keep things as normal as possible.

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