Someone from Danny’s past is back in Blue Bloods Season 14

Sometimes, people from our past should stay in the past. That’s probably the way Danny Reagan is thinking about the person coming back in the Blue Bloods Season 14 premiere.

The synopsis tells us that someone is coming back into his life. It’s due to a case, so it doesn’t look like this will be a permanent return. Of course, with this being the final season of the series, we’re expecting more faces from the past to eventually return for closure or to find out where they are now.

Who is it for Danny in this episode? Well, Danny and Baez will need to deal with a case that involves Danny’s former one-time partner Darryl Reid. It looks like he may be involved in a homicide.

Who is Darryl Reid in Blue Bloods?

For those who don’t remember, Darryl Reid was played by Malik Yoba in the Season 6 episode “Flags of Our Fathers.” He joined Danny on a case, and it looked like Darryl was one of the good cops out there. We’ve learned over the years not to judge on first appearances. People are usually hiding something, and that’s the case with Darryl. We, and Danny, learn that he planted evidence on a suspect.

Well, it turns out that Danny and Baez have a homicide case that connects to Darryl Reid. Is he planting evidence again? Did he investigate the case in the past? Maybe he’s involved in the actual homicide. We don’t have the details of how he’s involved yet, making the episode one to definitely watch.

Will one episode be enough to wrap everything up for Reid’s character? That remains to be seen.

Will we see other characters from Danny’s past show up this season? We’re expecting it, along with characters from the others’ pasts.

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