NCIS Season 21 Premiere Clip Finds Torres Arrested For Murder

A clip for the NCIS season 21 premiere episode finds Nick Torres arrested for murder, setting the stage for the first mystery the group will solve.

A new clip from NCIS season 21 sees Nick Torres arrested for murder, setting the stage for the upcoming batch of episodes. The long-running procedural drama features a new crime every week involving the Navy and Marines, often dealing with cases like murder. While the team has evolved over the course of the series, their core identity has always been about working together to solve difficult cases.

Now, CBS has released a clip from NCIS season 21, revealing Torres has been arrested for murder.

The clip sees him being taken away in handcuffs as Alden Parker tries to figure out what’s going on. The clip ends with him telling other team members that Torres has indeed been accused of killing someone.

Everything To Expect From NCIS Season 21

Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, Gary Cole as Alden Parker, Katrina Law as Jessica Knight, and Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres in the bullpen during NCIS season 19

With Torres now arrested for murder, it’s possible the team will see another major shakeup in season 21. Since there’s been no official word on actor Wilmer Valderrama leaving the series, it seems that whatever his character has been accused of will be resolved at the start of the season. However, the events that led to his murder charge will no doubt influence Torres’ mindset going forward.

In addition to the shocking premiere premise, this season of the show will be the first without Ducky, whose actor, David McCallum, died in 2023. While Ducky’s NCIS appearances were limited in recent seasons, his presence on the show was beloved because he was the final main cast member from season 1 still on the team. While Timothy McGee and Jimmy Palmer were recurring characters back in season 1, season 21 will be the first not to feature someone who was a main cast member when the show premiered.

The season is also unique for only having 10 episodes, the shortest in NCIS history. This is because of the 2023 Hollywood writers and actors strikes, which delayed production until late in the year. Since there won’t be many episodes, it could be that Torres’ arrest will only be the start of a longer storyline. The creative team will likely pack plenty of punches that keep the series engaging.

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