Cote de Pablo Returns to the NCIS Universe in “NCIS: Shadows Unveiled

In an exciting development for NCIS enthusiasts, Cote de Pablo makes a triumphant return to the franchise in the upcoming spin-off, “NCIS: Shadows Unveiled.” Reprising her iconic role as Ziva David, de Pablo’s return adds an extra layer of intrigue and anticipation to the new series.

“NCIS: Shadows Unveiled” sees Ziva David navigating the intricate world of undercover operations, bringing her unique skills and tenacity to the forefront. Fans can expect a deeper exploration of Ziva’s character as she navigates the shadows, unveiling secrets that challenge both her professional and personal life.


As Cote de Pablo steps back into the shoes of one of NCIS’s most beloved characters, “NCIS: Shadows Unveiled” promises to be a must-watch for fans craving the perfect blend of suspense, drama, and the familiar charm that de Pablo brings to the screen. Get ready for a thrilling ride as the shadows are lifted to reveal a new chapter in the NCIS universe.

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