Cote de Pablo wears drop-waist trousers with tailor-made THONG peeping out the top on set of music video

In a bold display of fashion, Cote de Pablo has made a scorching statement with her style – she’s donning drop-waist trousers, while a carefully crafted thong peeks out at the top on the set of her music video!

The “NCIS” actress has been captured on camera during the filming of her music video with a daring and alluring look. The low-rise trousers shine with a meticulously crafted thong peeking out at the top, adding an unexpected touch of sensuality to her appearance.

This new look from Cote de Pablo has sparked a fresh wave of comments and attention on social media and the showbiz world. Fans are engaged and praising the actress for her boldness and distinctive style in the fashion scene.

Although it’s still unclear which song will accompany this music video, it’s certain that Cote de Pablo will make an unforgettable appearance. As anticipation around her new project builds, fans are eagerly waiting to see the final result of this musical and fashion collaboration that is sure to make a significant impact.

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