Cote de Pablo Joins Forces with UN Women for Empowerment Campaign

Actress and advocate Cote de Pablo has embarked on a new partnership with UN Women to launch a powerful empowerment campaign titled “Rise Beyond Boundaries.” The initiative aims to inspire and support women around the world in breaking through societal limitations and achieving their full potential.


“Rise Beyond Boundaries” focuses on raising awareness about gender equality, encouraging dialogue on women’s rights, and providing resources to empower women in various spheres of life. De Pablo, known for her commitment to social causes, expressed her passion for creating positive change and fostering a world where every woman can thrive.


The campaign will feature a series of events, discussions, and collaborations with influential voices in the fight for gender equality. De Pablo encourages individuals globally to join the movement, emphasizing the collective responsibility to dismantle barriers that hinder women’s progress.


As a UN Women Global Advocate, Cote de Pablo envisions “Rise Beyond Boundaries” as a catalyst for transformative action, inspiring communities to champion gender equality. Stay tuned for updates on the campaign’s progress and ways to get involved in the global movement for women’s empowerment.

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