Not the reaction she was hoping for! Cote shows off extension-free hair as she gets confetti-bombed at LAX by a clown

“NCIS” star Cote de Pablo intended to make a simple style statement by showcasing her extension-free hair at LAX, but things took an unexpected turn when she was confetti-bombed by a clown at the airport. The actress, known for her elegance, found herself in a surprising and humorous situation that left her with a different reaction than she had anticipated.

In a brave move, de Pablo had chosen to reveal her natural hair without extensions, possibly hoping for a positive reception from fans and the public. However, the confetti-bombing incident added an element of unexpected humor to the situation, creating a moment that was not quite the reaction the actress may have been anticipating.

Photos and videos of the confetti surprise quickly circulated on social media, with fans and onlookers amused by the spontaneous and lighthearted encounter. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Cote de Pablo seemed to handle the situation with grace and a good sense of humor.

As the confetti-bombing incident becomes a viral sensation, fans eagerly await any comments or reactions from the actress herself. Stay tuned for updates on this quirky and entertaining moment in Cote de Pablo’s airport adventure.

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