Cote de Pablo flaunts her famous derriere in skintight leggings as she hits the gym with beau Michael Weatherly

Renowned actress Cote de Pablo turned heads as she hit the gym alongside her beau, Michael Weatherly, displaying her famous derriere in form-fitting leggings. The “NCIS” star radiated confidence and fitness dedication, proving that staying in shape is a shared passion for the power couple.

The pair’s joint workout session not only highlighted their commitment to a healthy lifestyle but also showcased their strong bond. Cote de Pablo, known for her striking on-screen presence, effortlessly combined style and functionality in her skintight leggings, leaving fans in awe of her enviable figure.

Cameras captured the couple’s dynamic workout routine, revealing a synergy that goes beyond their on-screen chemistry. The actress and her beau, Michael Weatherly, emphasized the importance of maintaining a fit and active lifestyle, setting a positive example for their admirers.

Cote de Pablo’s choice of skintight leggings not only accentuated her curves but also served as a testament to her dedication to health and well-being. The couple’s joint gym session became a testament to the idea that staying fit can be both a personal and shared journey, adding another dimension to their relationship both on and off the screen.

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