Cote de Pablo Quits Smoking Upon Discovering Pregnancy, Embraces Healthier Lifestyle

In a heartwarming revelation, former “NCIS” star Cote de Pablo has made a life-changing decision for the sake of her growing family. The actress recently disclosed that she kicked the smoking habit upon learning about her pregnancy, choosing to prioritize a healthier lifestyle for the well-being of herself and her unborn child.

Sources close to de Pablo reveal that the actress, known for her role as Ziva David, decided to make this positive change as soon as she discovered the exciting news of her pregnancy. The decision not only reflects her commitment to maternal health but also showcases a determination to create a nurturing environment for her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

Fans and well-wishers have flooded social media with messages of support and admiration for de Pablo’s decision to quit smoking. Many have applauded her for setting a positive example and prioritizing the well-being of her growing family.

As Cote de Pablo embarks on this new chapter in her life, fans eagerly await updates on her pregnancy journey and continue to express their joy and excitement for the actress who has brought so much entertainment and inspiration to screens around the world.

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